Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've been gone way too long!!!

Most everyone I know is fully aware of the fact that I had a stroke this summer. I'm 30 years old and had a stroke. I was at a chiropractor appointment and apparantly one of the risks with getting your neck adjusted is a vetebral artery disection. Which is what happened to me. I spent four days in the hospital and I am still on medication and am going through pysical therapy twice a week. It was crazy!! I'm friends and family where such wonderful support. I never would have made it through without them!!

So, I am ready to get back to normal!! What ever normal is for me!! ;)


  1. Chrissy....I didn't know and I am in such shock!! I wondered what had happened to you and I'm so glad to hear from you and just pray that your recuperation is doing well! {{hugs}}

  2. Bless your heart!! {{hug}} I can't even imagine!
    I'm so glad to see a post from you. You seem...at least from the post you made to be doing okay. I hope you are! Welcome back to blog land. :)