Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Hawkeye Barn Quilt!!

Over the last year I have noticed all these different barn quilts around. It seems like anyone with a barn or building has one. I love some of the colors and patterns. My in-laws live on a farm and have an outbuilding that I thought would look lovely with one of these. So, I began looking up information and costs, soon to find out that these little things are quite expensive. I love them, yes I do, but didn't think spending that sort of money for Christmas was a good idea.

So, began the search for directions how to make and pattern ideas. My hubby put together the quilt for me.

He also helped me pencil out the design that I liked which was called "whirlwind". The painting took a few days since you pretty much have to paint each piece at a time.

He also hung it up on the machine shed for his parents.

They are huge Iowa Hawkeye fans. I think it turned out pretty well for the first try at this. :)

I have a couple more to make as gifts for Christmas. I really enjoyed doing it and seeing what a great decoration it is on the barn.