Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One of my favorite season's!!

I love fall!! It is my favorite season!! I love the colors and the smells. Pumpkin in muffins, pies and breads as well as apple pies, butter and applesauce. It really is a delicious season!!

It seems that I remember or feel more motivated to blog during this season, maybe because it is getting colder and I am home more, maybe because I am approaching a more crafty time of year or maybe just because I start to decorate our home for the season's. I am guessing it is probably the last reason. :)

I am hosting my first family Thanksgiving for my husband's side of the family. They will love whatever we do, but I like to go that extra mile and make things really special. So, I need to decide on a tablescape for the day. The table cloth below is really brown not purple. But, I think I like this look for the day, with many more chairs and place settings. My dining room is a fall green color and it ties perfectly with the season. Love my dining room, just wish we used it more.

We never carve pumpkins, really, I think we have one time and my oldest is 8! I do not like the mess and a sharpe marker works just great. But, the boys talked me into carving this year. They didn't want to touch any of the guts cause it was gross and messy (yes they are my boys).

I think it turned out alright for my first real try at it.

Geesh, Joey don't look so happy about this picture!!
Thanks for reading. I hope to get back into the whole blogging thing regularly. :)

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